Amarevita – The Art of Learning
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Amarevita – The Art of Learning

filled in the needs in the copyright department. 


A logo an intricate interplay of the right colors, shapes and dimensions, forming the basic element of visual identification was one of our assignments. It is the basis for building a brand. We chose a bird which stands for freedom of thought, perspective and communication and is associated with infinite possibilities, flying high and the sky being the limit when it comes to reaching one’s full potential. We chose teal color which combines the calming properties of blue with the renewal qualities of green also represents open communication and clarity of thought which goes along with Amare Vita philosophy of distilling the information to the very essentials bringing in stability of the thought and clarity of path chosen resulting in more balance.



Art of Learning

Our client wanted to portray modern ways of learning. A message of acquiring exceptionally valuable, concise information, adapting new thinking processes and skills while drilling it down to the very essential and non-overwhelming art of learning that inspired improvement and reaching one’s goals and potential in every aspect of life, whereas personal or business.

Together we created Amare Vita, which stands for loving life, perfectly representing the desire to know better and therefore do better in all dimensions of life. Our client needed a self-explanatory tagline referring to a new model of learning where one purposely and deliberately chose where he/she wanted to be in personal or professional life. 

We chose the tagline Art of Learning as it is a lifelong process, inevitable to thrive, understand and become competent. All that not necessarily by being part of a broken model of today’s education.  

Development and Delivery

The project involved content creation for both the website and publications, ebook designs and white label availability, website, ecommerce. The client wanted ebook publications that could be white labeled with the notion to improve other health professionals’ practice. The collaboration included topic suggestions and content writing, designing and delivering the ready ebooks to the website.

In addition to the above, the client was looking to organize retreats and events for their coaching clients. Our event planners organized all to perfection. From finding the best venue, private chef and providing valuable programs and entertainment. 

It was a collaborative process focused on true reflection of client’s values and identity. Our team of web developers, designers and creative writers delivered the project within 6 months.



Marketing Amare Vita services involved creating a clear message, website development  implementation of social media strategy and paid ads that increased brand recognition and trust, and communicated company’s values through engagement with the right audience validating their decision to buy services from Amare Vita. The strategy consisted of content creation unique to Amare Vita and maintenance of social business profiles.

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