B4 and After – Custom modern homes
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B4 and After – Custom modern homes


B4&After specializes in home building and remodelling where no project is too small or too big. If you are looking to upgrade just one room, entire home or build from ground zero B4 & After is who you want to work with. 

Our client was in business for many years but never had time to really wrap his head around the brand image and marketing side of business due to already high demand. Being already busy our client needed clear guidance for business optimization, visual identity and digital marketing presence.  As time passed and the company grew exponentially he decided to be in the internet space so his work could have global reach. It was a good opportunity to feature extraordinary work he’s done over the years, impact and influence others. 

B4&After has become a premier builder in South Florida driven by passion and fuelled by a team of committed professionals providing a full spectrum of building services. 

With Anaruli Consulting business mentoring the company expanded from 200K to 1 million in just one year. 



Our client wanted to follow modern and sleek trends. They wanted something finest not crowded yet homey with a slight indication of a sunny location in Southwest Florida. We have delivered the design to our client’s satisfaction using blue colors for water and the sun ever present in the tropical location. The logo features a modern house on the beach – a dream of every living being. 



Custom modern homes

The tagline needed to be simple, self explanatory and straight to the point as the construction is a male dominated industry and no fluff is needed. Custom modern homes was the best one liner explanation of what the company is all about. 


Development and Delivery

The company is dynamically growing despite globally challenging external circumstances and Anaruli Conslulting is now part of the advisory team. From merely one  man band to a full team of experts that covers the full spectrum of general contracting services. 



Our client’s extraordinary work is being featured on social media platforms but not turning down any recommendations that come the good old way: client referrals based on great satisfaction. 

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