FillRx App – Mobile App Development
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FillRx App – Mobile App Development


Client came up with an idea for a mobile app helping independent pharmacies in prescription fulfillment, facilitation of patient communication and targeted marketing. A win-win strategy for both the pharmacy and the patient. Client wanted to be part of innovation taking place in the pharmacy industry, becoming one of the first one offering the app that helped create a bond between pharmacists and customers, create loyalty and speed-up the process while raising the industry standards. They wanted a mobile app with a strong and recognizable brand, however developed and designed so that it could be white labeled offering the independent pharmacies these 2 business models.



Crafting a logo is a deliberate, multi layered, collaborative process ensuring all the pieces fit in perfectly, from theme to philosophy and conveyed message that accurately portrays client’s values and desired position within the particular industry.

Butterfly was chosen as a metaphor representing fast transformation and conveyance of messages. In this case fillRx was looking to convey a strong message of electronic change taking place in the health industry and specifically pharmacy industry. Their message is clear, with transformation being inevitable, the days of waiting in line in the store or at the drive-thru for the meds quickly fading into the past, pharmacies need to transform the way they interact with patients, adapting to the new reality or face extinction. fillRx app becomes a necessity and a new industry standard, not a luxury.

Butterfly serves as a messenger that in this case represents safe and timely passage of information through the secure app’s chat. With very strict regulations of confidentiality requirements, fillRx needed a safe and secure portal and its support without overwhelming an already busy pharmacy workflow.


Quick to fill

This short, easy to remember tagline highlighting the unique trait behind the fillRx app goes beyond filling prescriptions. It is focused on the customer’s need of having the pharmacy at their convenience. It not only helps attract new clients and increase exposure but also improves fillRx relationships with existing customers.


Development and Delivery

This is where we take a project from beginning to an end, from the design stage that includes specifications, wireframes, functionality and objectives, to development of features, delivery and post-release support and updates. In order to materialize our client’s idea, we needed to  understand pharmacy workflow in depth as well as the delicate relationship between pharmacists and their patients including the regulations governing this highly regulated industry. On the other hand, our team of IT experts were challenged to develop user friendly features complying with all these standards and at the same time leaving the open door for innovations in the future. In addition, our team, consisting of psychologists, designers and marketing experts were having a major impact keeping in mind that one of the great successes of user friendly mobile app was a clean and self explanatory design.

fillRx app was developed, released and submitted within 6 months.



Having a finished project is not a guarantee of success, it needs to be marketed in a strategic manner.  FillRx app was to be marketed to 2 different demographics, both using and benefiting from the same and different features; pharmacists and patients. All marketing material was created with the same idea, including the website which was created with specific promo messages for both parties independently.

The marketing strategy and clients targeting was thoroughly created by our team of experts in which we have confidence to provide targeted marketing for the clients, social media management, blog posts, educational posts and email campaign marketing. Our team does targeted marketing for the client, in this case Instagram for pharmacy, push posts through the app, blog posts, educational posts which help create bonds with patients keeping them always in the loop.

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