Café L’Amour – Love for Coffee
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Café L’Amour – Love for Coffee


Café L’Amour is nothing but the most captivating love story of all times. Totally serendipitous and phenomenal. Love of two individuals towards each other and their love for coffee and the people. The client wanted to be part of the farm to table concept, focusing on single origin fresh coffee plantation. The ultimate goal was a coffee business originating on the farm run by local people and ending as a piece of art served hot or cold, yet in the most unique and purest form possible. 

Sustainable and environmentally friendly practices were imperative to this project, as well as creating job opportunities to Haitian people challenged with so much throughout the centuries up to this date. Haiti, a country once known for its best coffee in the world. Country that once was its biggest supplier is to be again raised to its rightful spotlight. 



Our clients wanted the logo to be the symbol that resembles the entire concept in the best possible way. Love is usually expressed with a heart symbol and we needed to incorporate the coffee bean to be adequate. We put it together in a way so that it forms the heart. The colors needed to reflect warmth, earth, fertility, grounding  and stimulate appetite for their product. Brown was an excellent choice as it represents all above plus healing which is much needed in sustainability and environmentally related industries. Color red was added as an accent to emphasize the passion that drives this entire project. 



Unique Brew again relates to the very unique personal interracial relationship of the owners. He is the dark roast and she is so late’. It is the love that conquers all: ethnics diversity, racism and beats all the odds. That is the essence of what is going into your cup: pure love brew. With that Café L’Amour became not only a farm to table project but also a movement. 

Their unique Mountain Bleu coffee roast is meant for people who value dark and strong taste, sustainable production and a high quality, single origin Arabica beans traceable to a single farm, a family treasure.


Development and Delivery

The project is in works due to its complexity and ever evolving nature highly impacted by outside factors.



As our client has an innovative approach to the market sale and revolutionary stands for coffee business therefore we are developing a platform that would deliver new concepts and change the way the coffee is distributed all over the world. At this time it is still in a start-up stage but moving dynamically forward. We are now building brand awareness and laying solid grounds for further developmental stages of this multilayered business. 

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