Sloth MD – Natural health product launch
Café L’Amour is nothing but the most captivating love story of all times. Totally serendipitous and phenomenal. Love of two individuals towards each other and their love for coffee and the people. The client wanted to be part of the farm to table concept, focusing on single origin fresh coffee plantation. The ultimate goal was a coffee business originating on the farm run by local people and ending as a piece of art served hot or cold, yet in the most unique and purest form possible.
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Sloth MD – Natural health product launch

Sloth MD – Natural health product launch


Sloth MD was born out of clients’ own health experience and a desire to not only find natural solutions that worked without side effects but to share it with others. After years of trying various products that didn’t work, a few suffering, ambitious patients, refusing to accept the status quo of living in pain, set on the path to find a way contacting us to create an effective product line aligned with their vision of connectivity to nature, sustainability, effectiveness and purpose. Sloth MD was born as the ultimate, best approach towards finding solutions resulting in introducing all natural, herb, mineral and plant based products to the Canadian market that can effectively improve a person’s everyday life.



It’s the first thing that people see; it’s the look of your company that reflects not only what you do but what you value as an organization. Our client was looking to portray a belief in humanity being an integral part of a perfectly balanced Earth with its sustainability and wellbeing contingent upon tapping into its rich resources. Sloth, a loving, sensitive, slow pace creature enjoying its life and carrying out the message of love and closeness as a requirement for its survival was a perfect fit for the message. With clients’ love for sloths and desire to save them from extinction, a philosophy emerged leading to conservation project and the idea of giving back while building a profitable company.



Just hang in there


Our client wanted to dive more into what was happening in the world which came to an abrupt stop after spinning around at an unprecedented rate and at a more and more accelerated pace disabling humanity. ‘Just hang in there’ is an optimistically accentuated message reflecting the desire to find balance, pace yourself lovingly and enjoyably just like sloths do, maintain good health and a positive attitude no matter what. This is an even  deeper underlying message connecting us to nature, which goes on living in balance even if the world has stopped. The tagline reflects the idea that slow and steady wins the race and allows us to live more peacefully and harmoniously. We collaborated on the tagline to convey Sloth MD’s simple solutions for those with ‘slothy’ organs functions and for all others whose life is way too fast, advice to ‘sloth’ it down and simply ‘Hang in there’.


Development & Delivery

We are experts that take great pride to take a lead in every step of the process no matter how challenging it is. In order to develop and deliver the envisioned product we needed to navigate and comply with Health Canada regulations. Getting products licensed, ingredients and claims approved, prepare documentation. We worked with our team of consultants on the application to receive a natural health product number (NPN). It took some time and we used it wisely on design work to maintain the work flow. Finding the right production facility and best supplier that met our clients’ high standards as well as all Health Canada requirements was quite a task as low SKU runs are not that easy to find.  Lebel compliant check and bottling was a good wrap up.  With the delivery process depending on Health Canada regulations, we were able to deliver two products in 1 year time. We are currently in the process of consultancy on a  product line expansion.  



Marketing strategy for Sloth MD included deliberate, scientific level educational posts targeting doctors and health food stores  helping them grow their own practice and patient loyalty from delivering exceptional products that work and are backed by scientific research; website along with the content carrying the strong message as well as marketing strategy, marketing material, social media marketing. We are constantly involved in our client growth, having a major impact on any appearance in public, including conferences, trade shows and promotional events.



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